How it came to Be...

Owl Oak Acres (or Owl Oaks) was established in 2015, when our family decided that we needed to return to our roots and leave the suburbs behind. Having grown up on a farm with sheep, horses, beef cattle, and chickens; I wanted my own children to experience living the rural life.

Returning home to Red Bluff, we secured the location for the ranch (which was a booming hog farm in the '70s) and started down the road to building a viable operation. We are focused on raising Delaine Merino and Dorper Sheep, chickens organically.

In addition to growing the flock(s) and expanding our grazing land and paddocks, barn renovation is underway. It is all a process, and 2018 looks to be the breakout year for Owl Oaks.

WHat We will Be Doing

Owl Oak Acres will be offering Merino fleece commercially and to Northern California community spinners.  We will also be breeding our stock for sale to ranches and families who are looking to try their hand at raising wool sheep.

We will also begin breeding Dorper sheep, which are a hair breed raised for their high quality meat.

As our chicken production ramps up, we will also be offering a variety of eggs to local consumers.

2019 will be an exciting year for Owl Oaks!

I’ll take care of the sheep, Dad!
— Evie

What We've Achieved

  • Aquired 2 show quality Merino lambs from the Mendenall Ranch

  • Won Best in Class at 2017 Tehama County Fair for Wool Breeds

  • Registered Agriculture Business with the Tehama County Farm Bureau